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When To Opt For The Gunbarrel Option

The gunbarrel is an economical and low maintenance method to treat oil when properly applied. Production enters the inlet flume section at the top of the tank. Solution gas is vented from the top of the flume or equalized to storage.The gunbarrel is applicable only where chemical and retention time alone will treat the oil.

Our gunbarrel catalog section is available below.  Learn more about our capacities and custom tanks,  view, print, download, or share our interactive brochure 

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This Month's Featured Project

Patriot Resources Gunbarrel Tank Installation

Patriot Resources of Midland Texas provides drilling service sourc

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Our Clients are Our References

What our clients say is vital to our reputation. Ensuring our client satisfaction ensures that we have a business. That is why Pitts Oilfield is so invested in making sure our customers are happy with the products and the services we supply. It really couldn’t be more simple. Take a look at what people in the past have said about us.


“Pitts Oilfield products are nicely priced and good quality. But the service and support they give are what really grabs us. Polite, friendly, and really knowledgeable. What could you ask for?”


“We work in more than a dozen states and of all the manufacturers I have been involved with, Pitts Oilfield has been the easiest to work with and has always delivered exceptional service.  Their steel storage tanks are made with such high quality materials, you can't beat it.”


“I needed a used storage tank and Curtis and his team provided exactly what I needed.   From their top-notch quality to their impeccable service, this company was an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them. ”


A Closer Look

Gunbarrel tanks are an economical low maintenance oil separator engineered to withstand the harsh sun, wind, and rapidly changing weather. Designed exclusively for rigorous oil and gas exploration using the latest technology, they will not rust, rot or corrode.  See how Patriot Resources uses this tank.

This Month's Featured Project

Patriot Resources Gunbarrel Tank Installation

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