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Nerves of Steel:
Coating New Tanks for Saltwater Disposal Facility

By Claire Trageser on 11/30/2015

As any oil man or woman knows, when you are creating oil and gas in an oil field, there are several byproducts that need to be dealt with. One of them is salt water.

Oil companies usually get rid of salt water by injecting it into wells, rocks, or other natural formations. But first the fluid has to go through a disposal facility. There, tanks collect the salt water and other oil and gas wastes. As long as the well is producing oil, salt will be created and require disposal.

Curtis Pittman earns his bread and butter by working on these types of disposal facilities. He is the manager of San Angelo, Texas-based Pitts Oilfield Products and Services, LLC, and he has worked in the oil industry for a long time.

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"Pitts makes it easy to do business.  Curtis and his team are always available and quickly respond to all of our needs.", says Bruce Johnson of Energy Excellence.  "This company goes above and beyond", says Johnson, when asked about his affiliation with Pitts Elite™, a VIP warranty program designed by Curtis Pittman to surpass industry standards. The Pitts brand honors its most loyal and life-long customers by guaranteeing products and materials well beyond the usual 1-5 year terms.  "This is unique and exceptional", he added.

The Pitts Elite™ Program raises the bar and establishes Pitts Oilfield Products and Services as a change-maker for manufacturing in the oil and gas industry, separating the brand from its competitors in a big way," says Johnson. 

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